The Corrieyairack Challenge magazine is a new publication that aims to bring information and facts about the best sporting and charity events in the UK. We want to create a space where all sports enthusiasts, as well as those who are interested in helping others, can stay up to date on all the latest involvements in charity and sports.

As part of our writing team, you will have the opportunity to write articles on various aspects of sports and charity events. Joining us today would be a great way to get started!

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The Corrieyairack Challenge magazine is looking for writers who have an interest in both sports and charity events. If you are passionate about writing, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you! We encourage you to write about your experiences at sporting or charity events, as well as give advice on how to make these occasions even more enjoyable.

Guideline to What Our Writers Need to Adhere To

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-We want your articles to be engaging and easy to read. Make sure that everything from the grammar to the wording is correct and error-free,

-We want you to be passionate about writing and ensure that your articles reflect this. Be sure to use excellent grammar and vocabulary so that readers can understand what you are saying.

-In addition to writing about events, we also want you to contribute your thoughts on how sports can help charities. Offer your readers tips on how they can get involved with fundraising or simply support the work that charities do!

If you have a keen interest in writing and want to be part of the Corrieyairack Challenge Magazine team, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!